Arash Sobhani

Arash Sobhani is an Iranian musician and television host. He is the lead singer and guitarist of the underground rock band Kiosk and the host of OnTen, a satirical news program that airs on VOA Persian.
Sobhani was born and raised in Tehran and attended the Isfahan University of Art, from where he earned a MA in architecture. He moved to the United States in 2005 to release Kiosk’s first album, Ordinary Man. Since then, Kiosk has released nine albums and has toured in various parts of the world.
In 2019 Arash Sobhani produced the hit series Persia’s Got Talent for the MBC Persia network. His other projects in TV include Nowruz Special, OnTen for VOA, and Studio 13 for Iran International, and Replay for MBC Persia Sobhani has directed and produced more than 10 music albums and many music videos for his band KIOSK as well as other artists.

KAJART is a creative production studio based in Canada,
formed by award-winning filmmaker, animator Taravat
Khalili and visual artist, animator Kajeh Mehrizi.
KAJART has won a number of awards from various film festivals including,
Farhang Foundation Festival, DSOFF, Hollywood Now, and their works have
been officially selected for festivals such as UK Film Festival, Green Bay
Film Festival, Toronto International Short Film Festival, TBUFF.
KAJART has collaborated and affiliated with incredible artists, cultural
and human rights organizations over the years and hasalso been creating
work for educational and awareness purposes.

Ali Kamali is a bass player, mixing engineer, and music producer. 
He is best known as the bass player for the band “Kiosk” He has recorded, edited, and mixed the audio for Kiosk's Sweet Destiny movie.